Wk 15-Design thinking applied to Life

The thing you currently think you’ll be doing with your life First year, I plan on working all of my summer and fall semester. Earn enough money to student teach by spring semester.  Graduate spring semester with my bachelors and credentials.  Second year, Apply to different jobs in Spain to become an English teacher. I... Continue Reading →


WK 15- Classmate Convo

This week I met Kaylee Penaloza. She is currently a sophomore at CSULB and is majoring in psychology. She commutes from Bellflower, she lives right next to the city I live in! She likes going to the movies and going to the beach to relax. She also draws and reads in her spare time. Every summer... Continue Reading →

Wk 14- Sketching in the Garden

This week we got to explore or revisit the Japanese Garden. I love coming to the garden to just sit and relax. I highly recommended to go visit after a stressful day.  The project of the week was to practice contour drawing. In my science class last semester, I had to come to the Japanese garden to do contour... Continue Reading →

Wk-14 Classmate Convo

This week I met Esmeralda and Roy! Esmeralda is majoring in child development and is graduating this semester. Congratulations girl! She is 22 years old. In her free time she like to workout and go to the beach. Since she lives right by the beach she can go whenever she has free time.  An interesting thing... Continue Reading →

WK 13- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information Artist: Laura Lopez Exhibition: Selvática (wild) Media: painting Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery Website: n/a Instagram: -In the process Laura moved from Colombia to Long Beach 3 years ago. She wants to go back to Columbia to  get her masters in the School of Art in Painting. Her inspiration comes from the tropical and jungles environment in Colombia. She... Continue Reading →

Wk 13- Classmate Convo

This week I met Emelina Virga. She is a senior at Cal State Long Beach and commutes from Redondo beach where she currently lives. She is majoring in international and Italian studies. She lived in New York for three years before she moved to California. She also lived in Italy and studied there for three years... Continue Reading →

Wk 12- Ethnography

This was truly a great experience! By the end of the night I felt liberated from the outside world. Our society is so caught up with social media and constant attachment to technology that it felt refreshing. I do admit it was hard the first few hours but once I began to forget about all the outside noise... Continue Reading →

Wk 12- Artist Conversation

Artist: Alice Andreini Exhibition: No-Man’s Land Media: Drawing and painting Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East Website: andreiniart.com Alice is a graduate from CAL State LB and is now working for her masters degree in Fine Art. Once she finished her degree she hopes to become a college professor in hopes of inspiring other students. Her... Continue Reading →

Wk 11- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information Artist: Soroush Moghim Exhibition: Geometry of Grief Media: sculpture Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East Website: n/a Instagram: n/a About the Artist Saroush Moghim was born in Iran. He lived there for 10 years and moved to California with his family. He is a CSULB undergraduate working toward his BFA degree in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Saroush... Continue Reading →

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