WK-2 Landscapes with a Corpse

This art experience was definitely something new and interesting! Death is something we don’t like to think about, but this project brings out an artistic perspective to death. Although death is not an easy thought to digest, we all know death is an inevitable part of life. That is why we should all embrace the idea and live our lives to the fullest! Regarding the experience, I had a lot of fun creating it and putting it together.  The scene I wanted to create was first, making sure the audience would be able to depict what happened. So I finally chose to do a scene outside my apartment. I thought the stairs would make a great figure-ground relationship. It was kind of funny because some of my neighbors happen to pass by while I was taking the photos, they were very confused on what was happening. The “death” story I created was that as I was leaving my apartment, ready to go on a date, I tripped down the stairs leading to the downfall of my death. Tragic. On the side of my foot, you can see one of my heel’s has fallen off, it is suppose to represent why I fell down the stairs. Darn HEELS. This might be kind of cliché, but I chose to wear a black dress to represent death. Black for the most part represents mourning, death, or the unknown. I wore a hot pink jacket to make myself the focal point of the image. The pink automatically brings in the attention to what is supposed to be looked at first.  I also edited the photos. I adjusted the exposure of brightness to make my jacket stand out. I also  heightened the shadows to make it a more of a gloomy atmosphere. The color hues are also changed to a blue to make it look cold outside and dark. I had my sister take photos from different angles and I found these pictures down below to show the landscape and the context clearly.



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