Wk 3-Artist Conversation-La Rosa

Exhibition Information

Artist:  La Rosa
La Rosa
Media: Spray painting, use of objects, paint

CSULB School of Art, Dutzi -Gallery
Website: http://www.larosabird.co 

Instagram: larosa.artist

About the Artist

He is an undergraduate student, a junior at Cal State Long Beach. He actually just started studying art last semester. Before he was studying business and fashion merchandising, but he wasn’t happy until he changed over to art. Now he’s studying for his BA in Studio Art. His primary interest is art. He spends most of his free time exploring and creating art. He also really likes film photography, he said, “it’s very genuine and beautiful and love how it works.” He also really likes coffee and listening to his vinyls. His work is focused on the nature of human emotion, the interpolation of beauty, and the perspective of youth. You can see that his art also explores love, broken love, rebellion, hope, and chasing beauty.

Formal Analysis

My favorite artwork from La Rosa is called ‘Heartstrings’.  It is a small portrait with a red heart in the middle. It immediately grabs your attention because  the heart is in the center of the portrait. The red heart looks perfectly spray painted and on the left side of the heart are 2 lines dripping down from the heart. The background is white and around the heart are small and light sprays of red. In the middle of the heart is a broken cassette with a nail into it. The nail is holding the cassette in place. The cassette is also lightly sprayed painted red and the black strings from the cassette are pulled out outside of the heart. The black strings are tied into knots and scrunched up together. It is a simple piece, which reminded me of the saying less is more, because of it simplicity yet deep meaning behind the artwork. Overall many of La Rosa’s artwork were capturing to the eye, the use of colors and objects placed with the painting perfectly intertwined to give meaning to his art.

Content Analysis

When I spoke to La Rosa I asked him to tell me a little about his thoughts and feeling about the art work ‘Heartstring’. He replied, “The piece explains how special people in our lives can make your heart beat out of place and skip a beat. It also explains how people can run our hearts to the end until we can’t play any more, surpassing your heart to more than you can give.” His artwork brings out emotions that at one point in our lives we’ve felt them and experienced it. It is all relatable to our culture, youth, and heartbreaks. In his art gallery he explores heartfelt emotion, love, sadness,  and the sense of being young, wild, and free.  In his art gallery he also had a paper taped to the wall describing his meaning behind his work. He wrote:

“It’s about feeling.
To provoke heartful emotion and chase beauty.
To grasp on the sense of wonder and honesty, to love and to love what’s broken, to be stuck in mystery, and to embrace madness, to be aware and unaware, to forever feel and chase the beautiful.
We are all human and, therefore, we are all artists.
La Rosa is an artist inspired by the nature of human emotion, the interpretation of beauty, and the wild sense of youth.”

Synthesis /My Experience

I really enjoyed La Rosa’s art gallery. I felt that I was able to relate with many of his artwork, specifically ‘Heartstrings’. I saw the broken cassette, nail, and the black strings tangled together and made me think of how love can be a messy and complicated thing. To me the art piece reminded me of being in a broken relationship with someone. When you keep going back, even though its an unhealthy relationship. Like a broken record that keeps replaying the same part over and over again. You keep going back into the relationship even though it’s not the love you deserve. La Rosa’s did a great job bringing out a variety of emotions that at one point in our lives we have experienced them. What makes his art gallery great is that it is everything he sought it out to be, we were able to connect with the art in many ways. Love, our interpretation of beauty, madness, brokenness are all things that make us humans. He taps into the human condition and shows us that because we are able to feel all these emotions we ourselves are walking art. We may sometimes lack the ability to express our real honest emotions but his artwork clearly displays it when we have no words to express it ourselves. His art work is relevant in the modern culture we live in.






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