Wk 3- Classmate Convo

This week I met Toria Painter. I met another dance major! She is very sweet and down to earth person. She is originally from northern California and moved to Long Beach to get her degree in dance. She dances ballet and modern dance, she is also going to perform a modern dance very soon! Dancing has always been her passion, she started when she was about 3 years old. She has taught dance classes to younger kids and is very good at helping and teaching others when it comes to dance. We started talking because we both loved the art work by La Rosa. He had paintings that we felt we could relate and loved the ideas he explored through his art. I told her that I wanted to teach abroad and she has a sister who is teaching in India! It is so inspiring hearing other teachers traveling and still doing what they love. It was great talking to Toria about our dreams and goals we hope to achieve.



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