Wk 6-Short Story

Artwork Information:

Memes 4 Lyfe
Carmina Correa & Vanessa Olivarez
Print on acetate
44” x 56”
CSULB, Marilyn Werby Galley
There was a young boy named Neo who had been dying to see a meme show. He looked far and wide for a show, but no luck. One day he went for a walk by his neighbors house and spotted a cat. The cat meowed and then looked at him and said…Related imageNeo could not believe the cat had spoken to him! He ran to find someone to tell them about the talking cat. He suddenly found a man who was thinking quietly to himself. He urged him to come and see the cat but all he could respond to him was ..
“No one can hurt you if you detach yourself from everything and avoid becoming emotionally invested in anyone.” (:
Neo was so confused, he kept trying to explain it but all the man could do was …
With a puzzled look, Neo quickly left to find someone else. He see’s a boy walking down the street and runs to him to come see the talking cat, but he just kept walking. The boy pointed to his headphones and worded out, “cant hear you” and continued walking. art.jpg
Finally, Neo was so exhausted he sat down on the side of the curve. He was so sad he couldn’t even find a meme show. All of a sudden a man approaches him and said…
Image result for what if i told you meme

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