Wk 9 – Graffiti Writing

This week’s art experience was to write our name’s with spray paint! This was my first time ever using spray paint so it was a new art experience for me. I originally grew up in Los Angeles and I lived in an area where I would to see a lot of tagging on walls. When I was younger, I remember having negative feeling towards graffiti because I felt it made the neighborhoods look ghetto. People in their neighborhoods would tag on walls to rep their gangs. I have no problem against graffiti when used as a form of art, I just believe it shouldn’t be used as a form of vandalism. Now that I’ve been more exposed to graffiti art I think its pretty cool that artist use it to express themselves.

I went out to Venice beach and I decided to write my name on one of the trees by the walls. As you can see it was pretty foggy the day I went to Venice beach but nonetheless Venice beach is always a fun place to visit. I used a black spray paint to write my name and I used pink and orange spray paints to use as a colorful background to blend in with the other colors that were on the tree. I almost messed up my name when I wrote the letter G! Thankfully my friend was there to help me fix it. The letter G was a lot harder to do in a bubble font than the other letters in my name. It was a cool art experience, I would definitely like to experiment more with spray paint!IMG_0564


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