WK 10- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Clare Samani
Exhibition: Dressed
Media: clothes, print
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Email: clare.samani@gmail.com

About the Artist

Clare Samani is a senior at CSULB working on her BFA degree in the School of Art’s printmaking.  She is going to graduate school next semester to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.  Art is her life, she loves print making and do other things to experiment with print making. Since she was a kid she has always been drawing. In her spare time, she likes watching movies and hanging out with her friends.

Formal Analysis

Clare used actual clothing to print them on the cloths. The prints go through the press IMG_3777and it makes an impression. When she peels away the clothes, she then prints it on paper. Each piece has it own unique style, colors, and patterns. The details from the print show the audience what kind of material the clothing is made out of. For example the photo of the turquoise dress looks like it is made out sheer nylon fabric. It is impressive how Clare was able to create this images with clothing and how perfectly the details are shown on the print. She also used other clothing with different fabrics.


IMG_3782Content Analysis

The ideas that Clare explores is fashion and how expresses one’s identity. She says, “fashion is a form of communication that all humans speak fluently.” She said that certain pieces represented people in her life. The clothing reflects on the persons personality and fashion style. She also had other pieces that she chose the patterns and colors that best fit the piece of cloth.  Fashion come from a desire to create, imagine and leave an impression on people. It has a huge influence people. Fashion has evolved throughout centuries around the world on thing has remained the same, fashion as always been a form of art.

Synthesis/ My experience

I really enjoyed looking at the Clare’s artwork. Since I can remember I have always been into fashion and clothing. I had a journal were I would create gowns and dresses so its great to see this type of art in a gallery.  I liked the colors she chose with the each outfits. I thought the materials of the clothing and the colors were perfectly in sync and complimented one another. Although most of the time I don’t look at fashion on the wall or in a museum, fashion accomplishes many of the same things as art: self expression, a reflection of our culture; creative design. For these reasons, fashion is art; art isn’t just what hangs in a museum, it is all around us.  What a person wears on his or her body can be seen as art if it is meant to express inner self and outer flair.


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