Wk 11- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist: Soroush Moghim
Exhibition: Geometry of Grief
Media: sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: n/a
Instagram: n/a

About the Artist

Saroush Moghim was born in Iran. He lived there for 10 years and moved to California with his family. He is a CSULB undergraduate working toward his BFA degree in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Saroush is a senior and is applying to grad school soon. This is first art show at CSULB.His parents are also artist and he began to start exploring with sculpting and drawing at the age of 16. He likes going on hikes, rock climbing, and anything nature related. He also writes poetry in his free time.

Formal Analysis

His art had a mixed combination of sculpting and projections, he also used a soundtrack that was made by 018him and a friend. The track was created with sounds of nature and birds chirping. The picture on the right shows one of his displays, it has a violin hanging from the ceiling and the direction of the projection is towards the violin.  He created the images by layering it with different videos taken from nature and then had the images mirroring one another. One of his art display was hand made by his mother and it was a cross stitch of a young girl playing the violin. He uses colors and movements that are found in nature. All of the videos he made are captured by him.



Content Analysis

Soroush’s ideas explore language of pattern from his culture.  He said that within the Islamic culture they value nature and art, so he wanted to show the audience the authentic inspirations of the Persian culture. He explores working through emotions and his experiences through art. He wants to be able to transcend to the viewer by trying to show something that is hidden through the intricacy of nature. He wanted his artwork to visually show that something interesting happens when you reflect internally and meditate within oneself. He hopes that the viewers are able to take the time to reflect whatever is happening within themselves.


Synthesis/My Experience

 I was immediately mesmerized by the music once I walked into the exhibition. It was a sense of calmness that I felt when I listened to it. I read his personal statement and found interesting his inspirations on the human emotion. My favorite piece was the projection of nature and the violin hanging down from the ceiling. I thought it was beautifully put together and the sounds complimented the video of nature. I liked the title of his exhibition, Geometry of Grief. The theme of his exhibition is something we can all relate, we’ve all experienced grief at some point in our lives. I too have lost someone very dear and close to me, so I was able to see the beauty in his artwork. We all handle grief in our own way in order to survive and keep moving forward from tragedy. At some point we will find the light and beauty of what at first might seem like a never-ending sadness. We are able to connect with one another because in this life time we have experienced happiness, love, sadness, and grief. These emotions connected us on a deeper level and because of those emotions we are able to have compassion, empathy, and love for each other.


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