Wk 12- Artist Conversation

IMG_3920Artist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: No-Man’s Land
Media: Drawing and painting
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: andreiniart.com

Alice is a graduate from CAL State LB and is now working for her masters degree in Fine Art. Once she finished her degree she hopes to become a college professor in hopes of inspiring other students. Her first degree was with medicine and then switched to theater. She was born and raised in Minnesota and then moved to LB to go to school at CSULB. Her interest are reading poetry, hiking, and visiting art galleries.IMG_3919

Formal Analysis

Walking into the exhibition, I saw the painting (right) was the first one that caught my attention. Alice uses a combination of different lines: straight, curved, angular, and thick  to create a landscape.  She uses a wide range of colors from cool to warm colors.  The canvas she used were pretty big she had a couple of small ones. The gray colors create a texture of a concrete floor with a stream of colors. The artist used rhythm by repeating the lines and shapes.

Content Analysis

IMG_3918I walked in and seeing the title No-Mans Land and was curios to know why she called her exhibition. Her ideas and thoughts behind her artwork are the ideologies of American culture. She created these structures to expose the truths and realities of what the expansion of territories has been influenced by greed and selfish profits. Nature has always been seen as pure and innocent form but with the modernization of civilization these landscapes are now what represents capitalism.

Synthesis/ Experience

Her artwork was very interesting to me because it is not art that you can immediately see the message she is trying to convey. Without reading her statement and the interview the art looks like you are walking and entering into another dimension in time or in some type of outer space world. After reading her statement and interview it all made sense how these man made constructs once uncovered can be pictured as living in a world that is all man made and nothing is really in its truest form. Human kind have taken over almost every aspect of the worlds resources and land. I thought it was very creative how the painting feel like they are pulling you into a virtual world.


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