Wk 12- Ethnography

This was truly a great experience! By the end of the night I felt liberated from the outside world. Our society is so caught up with social media and constant attachment to technology that it felt refreshing. I do admit it was hard the first few hours but once I began to forget about all the outside noise I felt more calm and embraced the experience. The bottom pictures is where I spent most of the night. I actually made this space to be a place were I meditate in my room.  Usually I am sleep deprived because of the amount of school work I have to do on the weekends. It was a little hard to sleep at first knowing I had so many things to do but I wanted to take in the full experience and get a new perspective of how one can live their life. Living without electricity would be impossible in this type of lifestyle, we are always on the go and we have become so dependent on electricity that I feel would take longer to get all of our things done. I think living without electricity you are more in one with nature because people who live without electricity are most likely going to bed early instead of staying up late at night. The way I see it is you are more harmonious with nature because you sleep when the sun sleeps and are up when the sun is up. People were able to survive because it was a different time period. There was a slower pace of life, because of technology our lives have become a ‘always on the go’ or ‘trying to do a million things at the same time’ type of lifestyle. When I traveled to Costa Rica, it was definitely a less fast pace life. I felt more in tune with nature and enjoyed living more in the moment than in a virtual world. I have always lived in the city, so I think once I am able to move out I would like to live away from the city and more towards an environment where I am surrounded by nature. Hopefully by the beach! Overall I think this was a great experience that took me back when I was visiting Costa Rica.


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