Wk 14- Sketching in the Garden

This week we got to explore or revisit the Japanese Garden. I love coming to the garden to just sit and relax. I highly recommended to go visit after a stressful day.  The project of the week was to practice contour drawing. In my science class last semester, I had to come to the Japanese garden to do contour drawing as well, so it was great being able to sketch again out there! Coming to the garden made me realize how much I like sketching and being out in nature. The sketch on the left are rocks that are in the pond and on top of the rock was a tree growing around and beneath the rocks. The sketches on the right are lily pads, plants, and a willow tree.What I like about contour drawing is that is focuses on your observation skills. Since you are not focused on how “nice” your sketch looks, you zone into the details of your object, or in this case your plants, and you pay attention to the little details that you might of not noticed before. I have my own sketch book that I haven’t used in years, but now I plan on dusting that sketch book and use it to go sketch at the park. It was so relaxing and fun as well.





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